Alliance Air Show 2019

This is the official home for CAP at the 2019 Alliance Air Show.

Alliance Air Show Information

The primary purpose of this activity is to provide volunteer support to the Alliance Air Show.  As such, Civil Air Patrol will have a professional, visible presence in serving the community. This creates a ripe environment for recruiting and educating the community on the CAP mission and CAP will have a static display of up to three aircraft, the Group VI Command Trailer, and CAP vans to support the project.

Volunteers will serve in a variety of roles including but not limited to: STEM demonstrations within the Discovery Zone, CAP recruitment table, CAP aircraft static display (facilitating guest photos with the aircraft), and serving the Air Show Operations Staff where needed.

Event Location

  • Alliance Air Show – Physical Address
    • Fort Worth Alliance Airport
    • 2221 Alliance Boulevard, Fort Worth, TX 76177
  • Rally Point – Cabela’s
    • CAP vans will shuttle volunteers to the Air Show and back to Cabela’s. See Volunteer Shifts below for details on when to arrive at the rally point.
    • Cabela’s: 12901 Cabelas Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76177
    • Traffic in and around the Alliance Airport will be congested.  So, we are meeting in the parking lot of Cabela’s and providing shuttles to and from the Air Show for CAP members that are volunteering.
    • We will meet in the Far EAST parking lot of the Cabela’s Sporting Goods store, (close to the intersection of Loop 170  & Cabella Dr.; It’s EXIT 65 off of I-35), located on the northeast corner of I-35W and Highway 170.  
    • Google Map pinpointing Rally Point within Cabela’s parking lot
  • Volunteer Parking and Drop-off/Pick-up:
    • Volunteer parking is limited and is available on the airfield premise identified as Lot 1 – south of the fire station.  Parking passes must be requested from the CAP Command Staff. If a parking pass is issued to you, it must be returned after your shift is over.
    • Directions:  Alliance airport has three exits; the southernmost exit, Exit 66 for Westport Parkway is the one to take.  Go WEST on Westport for 1 block, and turn right/NORTH on Heritage Parkway. Heritage Parkway parallels I-35W.  Go north on Heritage until reaching Flight Line Road, and turn left/WEST on Flight Line Road. This will take you towards the fire station; Volunteer parking will be up over some temporary curbing to park on the left, in the grassy area by the Fire Station.
    • For those dropping off and picking up cadets, this is also the road and entry gate to be used.
  • Parents dropping off cadets may not depart until Cadet passes inspection and all forms are reviewed. 
    • NOTE:  Cadets being dropped off after normal check-in hours (0730 or later) or those needing to leave the airshow midday, MUST notify the CAP Command Staff for the Airshow of their arrival time or departure time.  We will meet you at the Volunteer entrance with your parents as Guardians until we get there OR escort you to the Volunteer Gate and wait with you until your parents have arrived. The Drop Off/Pick up Point is the entry point next to the Airport Fire Station, near the Volunteer Parking area.

Primary Dates & Times

18 October 2019 – Friday 

  • STEM Education Day – This is an opportunity for cadets to participate in an educational STEM activity before the air show event. Cadets and senior member chaperone volunteers must commit to the entire day (the event will require arriving to the Alliance Airport between 08:30-09:00 and departing no earlier than 15:00). Cadets and chaperones will enjoy a guided tour of the air show grounds, visiting a number of STEM related areas and enjoy a quick meet-and-greet with the US Navy Blue Angels as well as the US Army Golden Knights Parachute Demonstration Team. Final details will be emailed to those attending approximately one week prior to the event. 
  • This is NOT an excused absence from school for cadets, nor is Civil Air Patrol advocating for anyone to miss school for this opportunity. Attendance is voluntary and at the sole discretion of the cadet’s parents/guardians.
  • In addition to those participating in STEM Day activities, we are in need of a number of volunteers to serve inside the Discovery Zone while tours groups visit throughout the day. Senior members, Cadets, and Sponsor members not participating in the tour itself are encouraged to volunteer to serve.

19-20 October 2019 – Saturday and Sunday

  • Gates are open to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Performances begin at approximately 10 a.m.
  • Performances last until approximately 4 p.m.

CAP Volunteer Schedules

    • Morning Shift (both Saturday and Sunday):
      • 0700 – 1400 (7 AM – 2 PM)
      • Arrive no later than 0645 at the Rally Point – BE ON TIME
    • Afternoon Shift (both Saturday and Sunday): 
      • 1000 – 1730 (10:00 AM – 5:30 PM)
      • Arrive no later than 0945 at the Rally Point – BE ON TIME

CAP Contacts

AAS Project Officer:

Steve Judkins, 2d Lt

Contact number: 806-445-7834

Email:  [email protected]

Group VI Commander:

Johnathan Foster, Maj

Contact number: 817-709-7465

Email:  [email protected] 

Group VI Cadet Programs

Keith Schramm, Capt

Contact Number: 817-600-8482

Email: [email protected]

Required Information and Documents

All Cadets and Seniors must have a valid CAP ID and a CAP 101 Card (printed out from eServices).

Alliance Air Show requires that a “WAIVER RELEASE” form be signed by those over 18 years old or a parent/legal guardian if under 18 years old. There is no exception to this – make sure to have your Release Form appropriately signed and ready to turn in.  This document is available by clicking the link below or from the Project Officer/Van Driver on-site at the rally point. No volunteer may enter the airshow grounds without a completed waiver release.

2019 Air Show Waiver

Per CAPR 160-1, please have a completed CAPF 160 and CAPF 161 on your person at all times.  We recommend keeping them in a Zip-lock bag with your CAP ID in a secure pocket. We will scan your CAPF 161 at check-in.

The CAP Forms are available here:

If you are unsure how to obtain any of the required documentation please ask upline through your squadron’s chain of command.

Event Fees

There will be no cost to volunteer at the Alliance Air Show.  

Parking at the Rally Point is free.  Parking at the Alliance Air Show is typically not included.  CAP will have a limited number of parking passes for volunteers.  Check with the Project Officer for availability.

Lunch will be provided for all volunteers.  Additionally, purchasing food or beverages from concessions stands remains an option but at the member’s expense.

Uniform and Qualification Requirements

  • Professionalism and Excellence

The Alliance Air Show is always a great opportunity to serve the community and increase the awareness of the Civil Air Patrol mission.  Thus, it is a GREAT recruiting opportunity! As such, we must maintain the highest level of professionalism and excellence.  

CAP Qualifications

EVERY volunteer must have GES complete and on their 101 card.

ICUT is required for leadership roles and radio operations.

Uniform and Grooming

Uniform and grooming standards will be evaluated.  Those not meeting either requirement are not authorized to wear the uniform while attending the Air Show and will be asked to stand down from volunteer activities.  To wear a uniform you must be signed up in a position on the register.

Authorized Uniforms are:

Cadets:  ABU / BDU (ABU preferred)

Senior Members:  Working uniform, utility preferred (no blues)

No Flight Suits, unless you have been pre-selected to work with the CAP Static Display.

Berets are not authorized for uniformity.

Reminder: reflective sunglasses are not authorized.

Males need to have fresh haircuts…tapered.

Cold Weather Options

If the weather in October is cold, you’ll need to dress in layers or procure the appropriate outerwear for your uniforms.  Reference CAPM 39-1 for details but the following is a high-level summary. No deviation is authorized. Please ensure all outerwear has appropriate tapes, insignia, etc.

For BDUs, the BDU M-65 Field Jacket and BDU Gore-Tex Parka is authorized.

For ABUs, the Sage Green Fleece and the ABU Gore-Tex Parka (worn over fleece) are authorized.


Participants are advised to be alert and careful at all times.  Each participant must have the authorization to attend from their commander in order to attend the Alliance Air Show.

Drink plenty of fluids during the day.  Appropriate hydration will be a focus during the entire show.  The sun and wind can dehydrate you quickly. Sunscreen and lip balm would be appropriate.

Watch your step, particularly around tents or displays that may have staked ropes tying them down or while walking through grass parking lots that may be uneven or have holes.

Be careful and pay attention while walking around or through static aircraft displays.  Some aircraft may have little headroom inside and some aircraft wingtips can be right at head level.

The CAP “Wingman” or Buddy system will be mandatory for all cadets during the entire event.

Check-in and Check out is mandatory

There will be a Safety Briefing each day – for contingencies, weather, and other applicable information.  

Please complete the following form to volunteer:   Volunteer Here!

If you have any questions, please e-mail: [email protected]

Steve Judkins, CAP
2019 Alliance Air Show – CAP Project Officer